Each year developer Toys for Bob comes up with a cunning new addition to make the latest Skylanders game a little different from the last, and this year it has listened to fans to give them one of the most requested features since the beginning.

This year, you can create your own Skylander.

Skylanders Imaginators still comes with toys-to-life Skylander models and is compatible with all previously-released figures, but gamers can now play as a wholly made-up character, using a large, in-depth creation engine as part of the game.

A created Skylander can then be stored on a Creation Crystal, with one for each element type available. Depending on the crystal used, you can access different elemental abilities to give to your custom character. Once saved you can then take that crystal to a friends house and carry on playing as your specific Skylander.

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What's more, there are many body parts, costumes and abilities that are only available after being unlocked in the game, but you don't need your friend to have also unlocked them to use your beefed up character. It really adds an all-new element to the series.

Another new addition this time around comes in the form of Senseis. These Skylanders are Battle Class masters and can use Sky Chi moves - devastation special moves that can be unleashed after storing enough energy. They also teach Imaginators (player creations) secret techniques and moves.

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There will be 20 Sensei Skylanders in total, and 11 former villains to collect.

You get two, King Pen and Golden Queen, along with a fire Creation Crystal with the starter set.

Of course, the main game is similar in style to before. It's a combination of battling, adventure and platforming, with secret sections unlocked through the use of Skylanders of a certain type. We haven't seen much of the game in action yet, to be honest, but the Sensei moves are especially impressive.

It's also great to progress with your own made-up character and you can even have local co-op play with a mate, with two Creation Crystals being recognised by this year's portal at the same time.


First Impressions

The headline feature is definitely the creation functionality and the tools we've seen are deep yet simple enough for a child to navigate. There are thousands of combinations, plus the ability to shrink or grow each aspect, so the possibility of ever having the same character as someone else is very slim.

Younger kids can also press randomise to create a Skylander without having to go through the menus. To be honest, considering the funny results, you'll find yourself having a bit of fun with that too.

We're yet to play the game properly, but once again Activision and Toys for Bob have surprised us with something imaginative and new.

Skylanders Imaginators will be released on 14 October in the UK (16 October in the US) and will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Wii U.