There's long been talk of Apple ditching the headphones jack on the iPhone in favour of delivering audio via the Lightning port. All bets are on for that to be the case with the iPhone 7, but we'll have to wait and see.

Still, there's nothing stopping you using the Lightning port for audio right now (at 24-bit high-resolution) - and an increasing number of headphone manufacturers are getting in on the act early. Of those, Audeze makes one of the most compelling products: the Audeze Sine planar magnetic over-ears.

You don't have to use them with a Lightning cable, though, as a standard 3.5mm cable version is available too - so whatever phone or device you're using, you're covered - and can easily be swapped out.

Now the idea of planar magnetic headphones is that they have larger driver surface area than dynamic headphones (comparing class for class), resulting in more air movement and, therefore, better bass response.

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All you really need to know is that the Audeze Sine cans sound really great. We've been sat in a photography studio at a CU Exclusive showcase event typing away with them wrapped to our ears for a good 20-minutes listening to Keeno's latest album and we're impressed.

There's bass aplenty and lots of volume - even from a fairly standard MacBook Air source - for an all-encompassing listen that sits lightly and comfortably on the head.

As you can see from our pictures (and the £400 price point; the Lightning cable version may be more expensive (TBC)) these headphones aren't scrimping on materials. The stitched leather headband and padded earcups see to that; we rather like the almost "pointy" earcups too, which add a lick of style to the otherwise uniformly black cans.

If you're all about the Lightning port then the Audeze Sine headphones will be available from April, with an expected price of £400. Not cheap, but the quality of audio and finish is every bit in contention with Bang & Olufsen or Bowers & Wilkins products - clearly Audeze knows what it's doing.