There are plenty of truly beautiful, amazing televisions on display at this year's CES trade show - we are truly being spoiled and 2016 seems like it will be an amazing year for TVs.

One of the very best will be LG's top-of-the-line OLED TV if our viewing during the event is anything to go by. Not only is it staggeringly thin - so thin, in fact, that it was difficult getting a side-on photo where you can see the set - it offers the most vivid colours and deep black levels we've seen in a long while.

As company's like Samsung and Sony create 4K UHD TVs with HDR technologies and improved brightness, The LG Signature G6 OLED TV relies on its incredible black level response - thanks to the technology enabling each pixel to be independently illuminated without the need for a backlight - which in turn boosts colour reproduction greatly.

Pocket-lintLG Signature OLED TV-5

The end result, from our viewings at CES, is stunning. Images are not only crisp, it being another UHD 4K HDR set, but beautifully detailed and tangible.

There is a huge amount of virtual depth in an image on the screen, which is the polar opposite to the screen's own footprint. Bar the processing unit and base, the Signature OLED TV is about as thin as found credit cards lying on top of each other.

The OLED panel has been fused onto a glass rear with no other layers.

This therefore requires a lot of the clever shenanigans to happen in the base stand instead. Although even that has a clever design feature or two. Not only does it double as a soundbar, it can be swiveled up and behind the screen for wall-mounting purposes.

Pocket-lintLG Signature OLED TV-13

It's also worth noting that, unlike its competitors, LG is once again moving away from curved panels. Instead, it has created a high-end TV that takes conventional styling and brings it into a new age. And we heartily approve.

We don't yet know the price or availability of the Signature OLED TV, but you know it will not come cheap. LG does have plenty of other OLED panels in its 2016 line-up that will be more affordable, but after seeing the Signature set, as good as they are it's hard to settle for anything else.