If you asked, as we have, many of the attendees at this year's CES what their favourite product on show was, you might be surprised by just how many put forward a fridge. But Samsung has created quite a buzz with its smart kitchen appliance and rightly so; it's a real innovation for a category that has remained static for many years now.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is quite an extraordinary product both in concept and in the flesh. Not only does it have a trio of cameras inside the door of the upper unit that takes a photo of your food every time you shut the fridge, sending the end result to your smartphone, it also has a 21.5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen display on the front that can be used in many life-enhancing ways.

For a start, you can interact with it using your mobile device and send pictures to the screen to display - in a similar way to pinning a photo to an older refrgerator using a magnet. And you can house an interactive calendar to keep track of family members, that shows front and centre.

Pocket-lintSamsung Family Hub Refrigerator-5

Indeed, the family hub naming convention is well deserved it seems.

The screen can also be used to control audio playback, with stereo speakers also built into the fridge. And recipes can be pulled up as it connects to the internet. The web connectivity is also used for a grocery ordering service too.

Allied with Mastercard in the US, users can internet shop straight from the fridge, seeing what food or milk is required through the interior snapshot, and the items will be delivered to their door. We wonder if Samsung might similarly ally itself with one of the major grocery chains in the UK, such as Ocado, Tesco or Asda?

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Another great feature, albeit one that we didn't get the time to see in action during the show, is that of screen mirroring. The fridge can pair with a Samsung Smart TV and a program being watched in the living room say, can be transferred and picked up on the fridge instead.

All this and the appliance looks sexy on the exterior too, with a stainless steel build and plenty of storage inside.

First Impressions

We have to admit that like many of the other attendees, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator wowed us too. In fact, it's one of the products we've seen at CES 2016 that we'd genuinely love to own.

It might superficially seem insane to pop a Full HD panel onto the outside of a fridge, but its functionality justifies its presence.

We can't help feel that one day we'll see many more refrigerators from Samsung and competitors adopt the same. Remember though, you saw it here first.