Sony will introduce a healthy line-up of 4K TVs in 2016, but the main one announced during its CES press conference is the XD93, and with good reason.

The XD93 line, which comes in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, sits at the top of the company's televisions in technology terms - specifically that it is the only one with full HDR support.

It is also one of the only sets in the new range that is powered by Android TV for games and the like.

The Android angle also allows it to run Ultra, Sony's new proprietary service provided through a dedicated app that gives access to 4K HDR movie content to purchase and keep in an UltraViolet locker.

Pocket-lintSony XD93-4

The TV itself has what Sony's calls a "Slim Backlight Drive" which effectively lights and dims zones on the back panel in relation to the action on screen. This can give more brightness when needed but can also ensure the telly has deep black levels.

The display also benefits from Sony's Triluminos picture processing, that provides more realistic colours.

First Impressions

From what we saw of the XD93 set on the Sony stand after its press conference, the company is continuing a proud tradition of providing some of the best pictures out there.

It is a quite stunning television, with sharp, vivid images and HDR support only helps deepen the effect further.

We'll have to have a play with one closer to release - around spring time - but for now Sony could well have pulled its best ever TV out of the bag just in time for the year of 4K.