Samsung has introduced two new models to its Gear S2 Classic smartwatch range and we managed to get some hands-on fondling time with them both ahead of the start of CES 2016.

For all intents and purposes, each of the new edition wearables are identical in technology terms to the previously released Gear S2 Classic - which you can read more about here. They are fast in operation, have excellent, bright displays and feel substantial enough to replace a decent analogue watch.

However, the two launched during the consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas are a cut above the other models in that they both adopt new build materials. One is plated in 18kt rose gold, the other in 100 per cent platinum.

Pocket-lintSamsung Gear S2 Classic-7

Under the plating, they each are built of stainless steel so are tough and endurable. The new colours and precious materials make them both stand out more.

In particular, although we liked the platinum edition with the black leather strap and new, blue watch face, the rose gold version with a white strap and pink default watch face is perhaps more striking.

The new devices also come with dedicated new watch faces. There are four added faces in total, with variations for each. And the new Gear S2 Classic watches will come with NFC for Samsung Pay compatibility from the box. That will also be added to conventional Gear S2 Classic watches early this year, although only in the States for now.

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First Impressions

As smartwatches go, the Gear S2 Classic devices have always been lookers, but the new special edition models take that up a notch and genuinely look at feel expensive.

Of course, we don't actually know how much they will each cost yet (nor the exact release date). The Samsung chap demonstrating wouldn't discuss pricing, although did reveal that they will be less than the most expensive Apple Watch Edition devices. So that's between £300 (the price of the normal Classic) and £13,500.

We'll narrow that down when we find out more.