Logi, formerly Logitech, has unveiled its latest offering for the home in its Circle camera. This smarthome camera is meant for more than simple security. It connects to your phone over the airwaves to show you live video or auto edited clips and more.

Smart connected cameras are not new. Nest has released its smart camera that connects to its network, and other offerings from security firms like Yale have been around for sometime. But Logi wants to offer something new.

But in a competitive market for a device not everyone realises they even want, can Logi make an impact?

We used the Circle to see just what it can offer.

Sitting on a smartphone all day watching the home camera is a little creepy. It's also a massive waste of time. That's why motion sensors are installed on some cameras, alerting you when activity is detected.

The Logi Circle goes further and records the main events from a day and edits them into a video for you to review. This is condensed to a brief 30-second clip called a Daily Brief.

This isn't just an editing tool though, it's coupled with Scene Intuition. This technology is able to learn the patterns of home life so it can determine what should be of interest and what is not.

This is a great idea that works well, cleverly ignoring things like light moves across the room, or a washing machine spinning up, to focus on new interesting events. Of course you can opt for push notifications when sound or movement is detected, but in practice this can become a bit overwhelming.

Pocket-lintLogi Circle camera-006

The microphones in the Circle are good enough to eavesdrop on the room it's placed in. But should you wish to chip in too there's a speaker built-in also, making it a two-way system.

So if you've got a dog at home misbehaving you can extend your voice across the interwebs to tell it to behave. Or perhaps you want to go with the group and join in a chat. The Circle also runs on battery for up to three hours so it can be wirelessly moved from place to place in the home.

On top of all that the Circle also has night vision. by using infrared lights around the edge of the lens images up to five metres away can be captured in darkness. Ideal for checking on the kids during the night.

You can tell immediately for unboxing the Circle that Logi has gone all out on design. Even the packaging is brilliantly minimal.

The camera itself is a good size with an attractive audio ring placed around the lens. The lens itself is a super 135-degree wide-angle offering so even in smaller rooms everything can be seen. Then there's the charger, it's wireless.

Pocket-lintLogi Circle camera-004

Using a charging ring the camera just needs to be dropped onto it to begin power transfer. Even the cable supplied with the ring is flat for easy hiding at home.

There is also a light that can be set to blink white when someone is watching.

Mounting is simple too with screws and even raw plugs included for something permanent, or 3M stickers for a more movable option. You can even mount the camera upside down on the ceiling to get a clear view of a room if you like.

Connectivity is future-focused with both 2.5GHz and 5GHZ Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth LE to make initial setup as easy as opening the app, typing your Wi-Fi password and you're done. The Logi Circle is both Android and iOS compatible.

The Logi Circle is £160 and is available internationally now. While most of the world only gets a white option, the US also has a black variant.

First Impressions

The Logi Circle is joining a busy market but by offering unique features it's set to make an impact.

The ability to remain wireless give the Circle something over competitors like the Nest Camera. If nothing else it looks better without a big ugly cable hanging out of it.

The two-way audio system should make it useful as a baby monitor and way to chat with the family, adding to its value.

The smart action recognition and video offering is a great idea that will keep value in the product where other cameras may prove time consuming and end up left unused.