Apart from the second-generation Chromecast, Google at its big Nexus event has unveiled something called Chromecast Audio. It's basically Chromecast...but for audio, if you couldn't tell.

It even has the same shape as the new Chromecast, which is very hockey puck-like and made of a strong plastic. With this device sticking out of your speaker system's 3.5mm aux audio jack, you'll be able to stream tunes from your devices - even a Chrome tab on a Mac - to speakers throughout your home.

It'll also sync music across multiple speakers on the same network, as long as you have multiple Chromecast Audios plugged into those speakers. To complement this functionality, Google has announced support for Spotify.

Thus, with Chromecast Audio, you'll be able to load Spotify on your device, then tap the built-in Cast button, and stream to a speaker with a Chromecast Audio plugged in. (The device also has its own power cord for your wall socket.)

Pocket-lintChromecast Audio

We noticed Chromecast Audio looks slightly different from the new Chromecast. It has a record-like design etched on the top side, which is apparently a nod to classic vinyl, or so we overheard. It's a subtle design change between the two, and one that most of you might not notice. There's not much more we can say on that.

Pocket-lintChromecast Audio

We can't even say whether the support for 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi worked well. Chromecast Audio experienced some connection problems when streaming audio at Google's event, but that was on a network loaded with tonnes of journos. We plan to test connectivity when we do a review.

First Impressions

Overall, we think the Chromecast Audio looks like a solid and handy device for streaming audio. It'll definitely be interesting to see if it becomes a cult success like its sibling. If you're interested in checking it out, you can now pick one up from Google Play Store for $35.