Sony has upgraded the humble Christmas tree so that you can change the colour of the lights using an NFC connection and a smartphone - one of its Xperia range it would prefer, but any that are NFC-capable.

Pair a phone with the NFC smart tag on the tree and you will then be able to control the action using a dedicated application. You can then change the colours or set them to cycle through different permutations automatically in a disco mode. And thanks to a portable NFC speaker that's been hidden among the branches, you can even play music through the tree. The lights will then flash in time with the music.

Sadly, the Sony NFC tree is not available to buy. Instead, they will be available to win through Sony Mobile UK's Facebook page and a soon to be announced #UpgradeMyTree competition.

We have to admit that we were thinking of doing something similar using Philips Hue bulbs and the corresponding app, but this is a far neater version. And there's less fuss our end.