Until the 2 November Jessops is offering discounts on a variety of digital cameras and accessories to celebrate 10 years of Jessops.com.

Today sees the Nikon Coolpix S640 on sale with a £199 price tag and free standard delivery, Although a good price - we haven't seen it cheaper - Amazon is charging around the same.

This 12 megapixel effort has 5x optical and 4x digital zoom coming from its Nikkor lens, whilst other features include a 2.7-inch "wide viewing angle LCD" and all the usual modes you'd find on a camera of this ilk. Subject tracking, advanced face priority and 4x anti-blur all help in your quest for that perfect shot. Nikon's smart portrait system on the other hand includes a smile timer, blink warning and skin softening - which adjusts un-even skin tones - ensuring that everyone will be struggling to recognise themselves when you finally get round to printing the pictures.

The deals change daily so if this doesn't take your fancy it might be worth having another visit as the week goes on for more offers, meanwhile make sure you check back to Pocket-lint tomorrow as we'll have another tech deal for you to cast your eyes over.