We've already seen Sky Player in Windows 7, but now you can see it on the Xbox 360 ahead of the official UK release on Tuesday 27 October. 

The 8-minute video, sent to techtv101.com, details the channel selection process and what you can expect from the service next week. 

Announced back in May the Sky Player, which is accessed via the Xbox interface, will offer the chance for viewers to watch live games in a virtual stadium that allows fans to comment and chat via on screen messages or voice on the screen, as well as access key stats while the match is going on.

Sky confirmed at the time that users will be able to buy a package similar to the current PC Sky Player that means they don't have to be a set-top box subscriber, a move that is clearly aimed at appealing to those who live in a house without a dish. 

The Tuesday update will also feature Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm support, as well as the Zune video marketplace and its associated instant-on 1080p high definition streaming.