Headfunk has launched another set of its earbuds, this time customized for the SNO!zone indoor ski slope in Milton Keynes, Castleford and Glasgow. They're basically a set of the company's "Badass Buds" but in blue and white.

They have silicon eartips that enhance the noise isolation and try to make sure that it's just you in there with your music - not the lady yapping on the phone next to you, too. Headfunk reckons it also helps with the fit - meaning that they shouldn't fall out during "active use".

 They have 8mm neodymium microdrivers that are apparently extra-sensitive, though the exact specs of that sensitivity aren't disclosed. There's an inline volume control, though, and 80cm of rubber cabling, complete with an extra 1m extension cable.

They're available now and cost £50.