Sky today showed off their Sky Player integrated to Windows 7 which will appear as a tile in the TV section of Media Centre.

The aim is to provide a seamless experience as a value-added benefit for existing Sky subscribers, but also as a subscription package for non-subscribers. Prices were not confirmed at the event, but we'd guess it will follow the "from" £15 a month or £0.98 on-demand offering in the existing service. 

Sky also confirmed you won't have to commit to long-term contracts and that you'll be able to dip in for pay-per-view events as you wish. 

You'll be able to watch live Sky content, with the channels reflecting your subscription package, or access content on demand.

All content is streamed, however, and unlike the BBC iPlayer content is not stored locally, so you can't download films to watch on your travels and you won't be able to access the service outside the UK.

High-definition content will not be available on the service, with Sky saying that they were concentrating on offering a good standard-definition experience before looking at HD.

The date has not yet been confirmed, but we know that the Sky Player service is launching on the Xbox 360 on 27 October, so we'd expect it to appear in Windows 7 soon after.