Vodafone has announced its first 360 handset, the Samsung H1, has gone on up on pre-order for delivery on 30 October.

Tailor-made for the operator, the H1 is the first handset which delivers the Vodafone 360 experience, described as "a new set of internet services for the mobile and PC which gathers all of a customer's friends, social networks and online communities, entertainment and personal favourites in one place".

With a 3.5-inch, high def OLED screen, 16GB memory, Wi-Fi, GPS and a 5-megapixel camera, the H1 boasts syncing of all contacts from the phone, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and coming soon - Twitter.

The cheapest option to get the Vodafone 360 H1 is on a £30 per month, 2-year tariff which means the handset is free. The plan offers 600 anytime minutes and unlimited texts.