Google's had a whopping great big foam eclair delivered to its front lawn. If that means the same thing as when the team got a massive great big donut delivered, then version 2.0 of the Android operating system should be just days away. Each Android release has a cakey codename - Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair, with Flan to follow afterwards.

The release will just be to developers, though. Donut, which showed up in September in its giant foam incarnation, is only now starting to slowly roll out to consumers - starting with US T-Mobilers. We're still awaiting confirmation of when UK Android owners will be able to get their hands on the update.

Best estimates of Eclair arriving to consumers are Q2 2010, to match up with Motorola's second Android device - the Sholes handset. There's nothing official on that front yet, but the very moment we hear anything we'll be sure to let you know.