With an ISO settings of over 100,000 you would expect the new Nikon D3S to be able to capture shots in the dark, and that's what this video sets out to show. 

Shot by photographer Vincent Munier and titled Summer Variations, the footage was shot in Norway and Finland across 2 weeks and is pretty stunning, even if it's not 1080p. 

The new "S" update of the D3 pro model follows Nikon's trend of tweaking existing models.

Adding to the D3's already impressive spec sheet is a new FX CMOS sensor. Although it maintains the 12.1-megapixel resolution of the original D3, the sensor has been redesigned to add enhancements to the performance and a new Dust Reduction System.

Retailing for £4199.99, the Nikon D3S is going to be available from December.