A new cheaty way of skating is available to all with the launch of the 4size magnetic skate system coming at vous from en France.

The idea is super-simple, the 4size skateboard gets a big old plate o' metal strapped to it, the special shoes have magnet inserts and put together, stick closer than conjoined twins.

"The sensation procured by the magnetic skateboard is similar to that of snowboarding: you will rediscover the more fluid, smooth mobility of snowboarding, the ability to clear obstacles with ease simply by bending your knees to lift up the board and increased control of the board in mid-air", says 4size.

The 4size set-up - which comprises of leather skate shoes, a set of magnetic inserts and a truck-free maple skateboard deck (which means it comes sans-wheels for you noobs) - is on sale from 4size.com for 179 euros - around £168.