American bookseller Barnes & Noble has revealed it is to offer an ebook reader with a colour screen as early as spring next year.

The revelation was made on video to JBruinSan and concerns an unnamed Plastic Logic device.

In the video, Barnes & Noble bod Daniel Joresson announces a dedicated ebook reader device with a colour screen the size of a paperback that will offer the  Barnes & Noble ebook store software.

In addition, similar to the Kindle app, Barnes & Noble will also extend its ebook platforms to "cellphones" like the iPhone and BlackBerrys.

No spec is revealed about the device, other than that colour screen but "new cool features" are promised.

Barnes & Noble has also teamed up with iRex to offer an ebook reader with an 8.1-inch touchscreen with stylus navigation and 3G wireless connectivity due before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal has run a recent report suggesting a Plastic Logic ereader is due from Barnes & Noble as early as next month, but this is not expected to be the colour model, although might run Android.

UPDATE: Plastic Logic has since stated this is not true. It's "inaccurate and the individual was misinformed". Although "color is on Plastic Logic's roadmap, it is not on the map for the spring of 2010".