Pinnacle Audio has announced the launch of a standalone music server - the Folio. It's designed to contain your digital music collection and then play it back on demand. Unlike some other similar products on the market, though, you don't have to plug it into a laptop or television to make it work.

Instead it comes with a touchscreen remote control which you can use to play tracks, organise playlists, cue up music or search your catalogue. It also comes with a CD slot, which you can use to rip your music in a lossless format (we suspect, but can't 100% confirm, that it's FLAC). CDs will automatically rip when inserted, unless they've been inserted before.

The Folio contains a pair of hard drives in RAID1 formation, meaning that the drives mirror each other. If one disk fails then your catalogue isn't lost - it can be read from the other drive instead. There's 250GB, 500GB and 750GB options available, which cost £2400, £2500 or £2800 respectively. Expensive, but if you order before 31 March 2010, you'll get 15% off that.