Last week's launch of the PSP Go was met with a fair bit of excitement, adding to that is the fact that certain retailers are reducing their prices already, one of which,, is selling the console for £199.99 as opposed to its RRP of £224.99.

The console weighs in at 160g and is just 66mm thick so lives up to its portable ambitions, however the controls and perhaps the screen, at 3.8 inches, might be a bit fiddly for some. There is no UMD drive, the Go having 16GB of internal memory instead, which can be increased to 32GB with the aid of a memory stick.

It has 802.11b Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and has video-out, in case you want to load videos up to your TV screen. Make sure you take a look at the full hands-on photo gallery (link below) before checking out the deal.