Palm has opened up its webOS app distribution programme with the news that open source developers can opt out of the $99 registration fee and $50 approval process as well as options that will see developers bypass the official app store.

Although Palm will still happily take the dollars for those that want membership to the Palm developer program and to see their apps in the on-device Palm App Catalog, it is now not a necessary criteria to develop for the Pre and Pixi.

Developers that want to go it alone can choose to self-certify that the app meets the Palm User Interface Guidelines and Palm Application Content Criteria and will then receive a unique URL to start promoting the app online within hours. 

Palm says this URL can be used in anywhere online "and you can begin selling these applications immediately, without review by Palm" with the apps delivered directly to devices using Palm's over-the-air distribution mechanism.

Palm announced that the webOS developer program will officially open in December