Launched back in August, the Vaio W series mini notebook has seen a drop in price from its RRP of £499 down to £339.99 at - although we previously had its entry price at around the £400 mark.

Sony clearly has the female of the species in mind with this effort, when it states: "carefully designed isolation keyboard with precise key spacing prevents typing errors, even with long fingernails", so anyone used to a Mac or ZX spectrum should be fine.

There are no surprises with the specs, coming with Intel Atom N280 processor, 160GB hard drive and 1GB RAM. It also gets a 10.1-inch, 16:9 widescreen with a 1366 x 768 resolution display and there's also a webcam and mic, b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you're in two minds then you could do a lot worse than clicking through on the link below to take a look at our hands-on photos, before following the one to the website.