Novation has come up with a new product designed for controlling Ableton Live - a popular bit of DJing and music production software. It can dynamically control almost every part of the software, from triggering samples to tweaking the mixer.

It consists of a 64-button grid with triple-colour LEDs, control modes for the session view and Live's mixer, two user modes that you can program to do whatever you like, and dedicated buttons along the sides for scene-launch and other functions.

It measures 239mm x 239mm x 24mm and weighs 717g. It's USB-powered, too, so you don't need to lug around a power adaptor, and it can hook up with other launchpads so you could run up to six at once.

It comes bundled with a special edition of Ableton - Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition, which features eight audio tracks, eight MIDI tracks and eight session view scenes. It also has Live's effects and allows for custom mapping.

The Launchpad will be released worldwide on 1 November, and should cost about £150.