French company Withings has announced the launch of its Wi-Fi enabled body scale, which it claims is a world first. It can automatically record your weight, lean and fat mass, and your Body Mass Index, and it'll upload it to a secure website or an iPhone application.

It's less than an inch thick and made of glass and steel. It uses bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) to calculate your body fat composition, which the company says allows for more accurate tracking than other options.

The system can cope with up to 8 different users, and will recognise them when they step on the scale. It can cope with a max weight of 396lbs and is powered by four AAA batteries. The iPhone app allows you to track and browse your stats at any time.

The Wi-Fi Body Scale is currently only available in the States and costs $160. We'll let you know when it makes its way over to the UK.