Wacom has launched an application for its Bamboo Dock software that allows users to create drawings to share on Twitter. The app - Drawtweet - works seamlessly, as you'd expect, with the company's range of drawing tablets.

The company says: "Sometimes it is difficult to express thoughts and ideas in just 140 characters". "With the new Bamboo Mini Drawtweet, users can make a quick doodle or sketch (and) with one click on the "send" button, the drawing is uploaded to Twitter and instantly tweeted to followers". The app uses Twitpic to transmit the file.

Any DrawTweet messages are tagged with #Drawtweet, so you can see what other people have been drawing on their tablets, too. The app has an image gallery that utilises this to present recent drawings from other users.

The Bamboo Mini Drawtweet will be offered through the Bamboo Dock starting 16 September 2009.