Logitech brings premium Guitar Hero controllers to the Wii

Logitech has announced that its premium guitar and drum controllers will soon be available on the Wii and Xbox 360. Already available for the PS3, the controllers offer a little more than the plastic accessories that come with the game by default.

The guitar controller has a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets, along with silent button operation and wireless functionality - so you can rock out without getting worried about being tangled in a cable. Logitech says that it's been designed to take advantage of Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero features.

The drum controller, on the other hand, has fully adjustable drum heads and cymbals, an ultra-quiet design for the drum pads, the same wireless functionality as the guitar controllers and a recessed rim design, so you don't get plagued by accidental rimshots.

Both controllers for both consoles will be available in October, and they all cost £179 except the Wii guitar, which comes in slightly cheaper at £149.