VIDEO: Rovio Wi-Fi Robot now available from Firebox

Firebox has announced that it's now selling Rovio's Wi-Fi robot. The toy comes with full Wi-Fi functionality and can be controlled with any computer, laptop, smartphone or PDA in the world, as long as it has a web connection.

It also contains a built-in camera, which allows the bot to stream live audio and video to the web. Firebox suggests you could use it as a security system for keeping an eye on your whole house while you're on holiday.

It has three wheels, though won't cope too well with stairs. It does, however, have a light mounted on its arm - so prowling around around at night won't be an issue. You can also pre-set it with defined routes around your house.

Oh, and if it runs out of battery, don't worry - it'll head straight back to its charging cradle with its dying minutes of battery via an infrared beacon.

Rovio costs £250 and is available now.