Microsoft has been caught red handed altering a stock image for its home page in Poland editing out a head of a Black man and replacing him with a white guy.

The move, which has now been fixed (albeit poorly), sees an Asian guy, Black man and white woman presumably looking at a PowerPoint presentation, however comes with a number of glowing errors.

"Marketing site photo mistake - sincere apologies - we're in the process of taking down the image," Microsoft said via its official twitter feed following complaints.

The move saw the head of the Black man replaced for a white guy, however the rest of the body was left in tack including his Black hand.

However while now fixed, the original still contains a number of "gadget" errors including a monitor that isn't plugged in and a Mac, which has had its logo washed out, taking centre stage.

Additionally in the rush to fix the problem, it also seems that the text no longer fits the box.

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