Teufel has announced a set of speakers for home cinemas called the Theatre 80. It's a 5.1 surround system, and Teufel says it "maintain(s) a balancing act between technical performance and economical pricing".

The Threatre 80 works with any AV reciever and comprises of five identical shelf box speakers with a sound pressure level of 106dB, along with a 150W subwoofer. It should be able to handle rooms upto 30 square meters, reckons Teufel.

The Theatre 80 costs £383 from teufel.eu, which includes a 10% introductory discount. UK customers can get it even cheaper, thanks to a 10% discount that the company's currently offering in Britain if you put "UK" as your country of delivery. That takes the cost down to £345. It's available now.