Oxford has launched a digital writing kit called "Papershow", which promises to allow you to display writing on paper onto the screen of a computer, projector or big screen telly.

Even better, they've roped Phill Jupitus into helping promote the thing, and the result is the video above. The gadget's capable of multiple line colours, as well as shapes and arrows, and you can switch to an erase mode too, if you make a mistake.

When you're done, you can save your beautiful drawing of a cat as a PDF, or email it to anyone you'd like to. It's primarily targeted at offices, but there's no reason why kids wouldn't get a kick out of this as part of a game of Pictionary or something.

It comes with a USB key that has all the drivers and such, and you'll need to stay within 8m range of that plugged into a Windows XP or Vista laptop. The whole kit - consisting of pen, pen case, extra nivs, USB stick, digital paper pad and a powerpoint paper pad - costs £100 (though bizarrely Amazon is stocking it for £130), and it's available right now.