Logitech G27 Racing Wheel announced

Logitech has just dropped us word of an upgrade to its G25 steering wheel controller called the G27. It's pretty much the same thing, except for a few improvements to the original design.

Firstly, the G27 has six buttons on the face of the wheel, compared to the G25's six. They're user-programmable, so you can make them do whatever you like. Then there's the gear system - the G27 has a diagonal-cut (helical) gearbox, as opposed to the G25's straight-cut spur gears.

The G27 also has taller standoffs for the cluth and brake pedals, as well as horizontal adjustability, and a stiffer centering spring on the gear shifter with a "positive gear engagement feel". Lastly, there's ten new LEDs that can be used by game developers to convey non-essential info to the player.

The G27 costs £330, so it's for serious racers only, and it works with the PC, PS2, and PS3. It'll be available in September.