Sony has opted to mock those suffering from addiction in it's latest viral video campaign for its new Vaio W netbook.

The video features a bunch of addicts struggling to cope with being addicted to social networks like Facebook and twitter.

Called Social Media Addicts Association, the spin off site is, presumeably designed to make you want prove the cause wrong and use your netbook more.

The pay-off is the final seen where one attendee is caught using their netbook to stay in touch with the internet rather than listen to others babble on about their pain and sorrow.

Sony is the latest company to attempt something off beat and wacky to promote its products following successful campaigns from Samsung.

Samsung has used everything from illusions to sheep in an attempt to get its message across with those sheep even turning up at sales presentations around the world a Samsung inside has told us.

What do you think of the video? Insulting, funny, or just lame? Let us know in the comments below.