Streaming Karaoke service and bar chain Lucky Voice entertained over 5,000 people in a big field over the weekend at the Big Chill festival.

Lucky Voice projected lyrics onto one of the stages after a set from Norman Jay, and took requests via Twitter and a dedicated website. Songs involved included Video Killed The Radio Star, It's Not Unusual and (I Wanna Be) 500 Miles.

In 2008, the company launched its Lucky Voice Home site, which features a database of tracks on the web and allows people to sing at home with no downloads required. A premium version has over 6,000 tracks.

There's also a Lucky Voice Party Box which includes a mixer box, reverb and volume controls, and everything you need - the company says - to hook up your PC to your hi-fi system. It's currently out of stock at Firebox, but Lucky Voice assures us it'll be back on sale on 21 August.