If you can look past the slightly staid video from BSquare, a company who had a hand in the development of the device, here we bring you the drinks machine of the future!

The Coca-Cola "Freestyle" is a bit of a revolution as far as fizzy drinks go as it not only offers a touchscreen interface, but can mix up to 100 different drinks.

This wide variety of flavours allows for such ker-azy not-on-sale-in-shops beverage mashups as raspberry Coke and peach Fanta.

The stuff of fizzy drink-lover's dreams, the Freestyle is live and dispensing tooth enamel-dissolving pop right now in the States.

Here in the UK you'll have to make do with this promo clip, and just imagine how ser-weet that peach Fanta might taste on a hot, summer's day.

Mmmmm, peeeach Faaanta...