Nokia has released a curious promo infomercial aimed at American consumers extolling the virtues of unlocked handsets, complete with practical, how-to advice on swapping out SIM cards.

"Nokia offers unlocked phones to help you unlock possibilities", the world's largest phone manufacturer says, promising a "new world of choices" for US consumers that opt for a SIM-free Nokia device.

In the video Nokia clearly targets current customers of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cincinnati Bell Wireless, stating that Nokia handsets are interchangeable with their cellular services.

Nokia isn't anywhere near as big in the States as it is in Europe and it seems this new promotional activity is designed to get round the fact that the big US operators don't offer a wide selection of Nokia handsets.

This is because in the past most Nokia handsets did not operate on the most common CDMA cellular standard in the US. In addition, Nokia makes handsets for the end user, whereas in the US market its more common to see manufacturers tailoring handsets to suit operator's needs and plans.

"If you like your service provider and rate plan but want to upgrade to an advanced featured Nokia device that your carrier does not offer, the unlocked phone is a great option", states the vid. Hit play above for more.