"Totally interactive 3D" video has been revealed by a Dutch company called yellowBird that offers tech to capture scenes and events via video, the angle of which can then be manipulated by the viewer.

The best way to experience and understand the tech is to see it in action by hitting play on the video above and using your cursor to "move" around the footage.

A variant of the yellowBird camera is used by the Google Street View camera, but this use takes video, rather than stills from six "cleverly divided" lenses in order to capture every possible viewing direction.

The data stream generated by the camera is not inconsiderable with a stream of 1200 Mbps captured, while a surround sound microphone system enables to record audio at 96 khz as well.

The yellowBird system is currently being employed to capture live events such as festivals, but it will be interesting to see how it might be used and adopted in the future.