Orange has announced the exclusive launch of the Toshiba TG01 in the UK with the news that the handset will be in shops in time for the weekend.

Orange claims the phone offers the widest high-definition touch-screen available on a mobile, "a cinematic viewing experience", that ties in nicely with Orange's cinematic promotions in the UK.

Releasing a quick in-house vid of the device, Toshiba has announced it will be free to customers on a high priced, long term tariff.

Those hoping to get the new handset for free will have to take out a £39.15 per month, 24-month price plan.

The package includes 1200 any network call minutes, unlimited texts, Orange Maps as well as inclusive anytime internet browsing.

Orange has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the phone will only be available on pay monthly contracts - there are no plans for a PAYG option.