Digital cameras are pretty top, but despite their convenience they do have a down side, they tend not to encourage the printing off of photos.

Today's tech deal is in the form, then - surprise surprise - of a printer. are selling the Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Photo Printer for £34.99 with free delivery.

Measuring 120 x 72 x 23.5mm and weighing 8oz it appears to back up its claims of being "completely mobile", and you have the advantage of connection via Bluetooth or USB.

Able to produce around 15 prints from one charge, the printer uses inkless paper which means no messing around with expensive cartridges (Zink inkless paper is £12.99 for 70 sheets).

This has received some very positive reviews from customers and despite not being compatible with every camera or indeed phone, it appears to be a genuinely handy product.

There's a link below for the full run down and we'll have another tech deal for you tomorrow.