Don't you just love that big green band-wagon that everyone's jumping on?

This recent eco innovation comes from D-link - the DGS-1008D 8-port gigabit desktop switch - which is supposed to give a reduced power consumption of up to 84% (please read small print) "without sacrificing network performance". Already available is the next generation D-Link 5-Port gigabit desktop switch DGS-1005D.

These devices allow for the smooth transfer of information between computers and D-Link claims the unmanaged gigabit switches are ideal for the home office or small office environment.

When connected these switches can automatically detect link status and reduce energy usage of ports that are idle, since the shutting down of a computer does not always mean that networking switches are not consuming power.

They also perform the neat trick of detecting the length of an Ethernet cable - shorter cables requiring less power - thereby increasing efficiency.

Another feature is a power saving link-down mode which removes power for each port that does not have a device attached, for more info and some flashy graphics follow the link to the D-Link Green Technologies site.