Aquavision offering bespoke waterproof televisions

Aquavision might not be the only company offering waterproof televisions to those of you who like to watch Eastenders in the tub, but it's the only company that'll make a waterproof goggle box to your exact specifications.

The company, which describes itself as the "pioneer of bathroom televisions", will supply a glass panel of any size, up to a maximum of 200cm x 150cm, behind which it'll put an LCD from 10" to 40". The television is then bonded to the glass to make a watertight seal.

The company promises that even in the steamiest, most humid, conditions, the screen will never mist up. The TVs come with freeview, component video, S-Video, PC input, HDMI, scart and "built in games".

Speakers and a hard wired control panel are also available. For pricing information though, you'll need to talk to Aquavision directly.