It's short it's sweet (in more ways than one), but here is a quick sample of what you can expect from the new Olympus E-P1 "Pen" Micro Four Thirds camera when you flick the dial to video.

But don't worry, even though there is only 13 seconds of video here, you'll be seeing much more of "Penny", the face of Olympus' new retro camera, in adverts, brochures and, ahem, some of our own test shots.

The video here was shot on the default settings, at 720p, 30fps. Video was quick to respond and can benefit from the same Art Filters as still shots, although focusing can be a slight issue.

You can also take shots during filming (if you want to) as well as take advantage of whatever optics you have on the front, and it is backed-up but stereo audio mics, which Olympus told us was basically the same technology as the LS-10.