Vodafone has announced its pre-order process for Nokia's new flagship Nseries device, the N97, is now up and running.

The UK-based operator is offering Nokia's first high-end touchscreen device with the boast that its customers will "be the first to receive the new handset" - although it can't confirm when that will be.

The phone is officially due out on 19 June - the same day as the Nokia N86, and the Apple iPhone 3G S.

As an extra enticement to go Voda (Orange and O2, through the Carphone Warehouse are also offering the phone) every Vodafone customer will also receive a free set of speakers worth £25 with every N97 purchased and those that order online get 300 extra minutes too.

To get the handset for free through Vodafone, you'll need to sign on the line for a 24-month, £40 per month contract with the phone costing £150 on a cheaper monthly tariff.