VIDEO: BBC shows off its "Blue Room" full of gadgets

We're feeling jealous. Although the Pocket-lint stronghold is full of gadgets, it's not as packed-to-the-brim with tech toys as the BBC's incredible "Blue Room" facility, which it uses for staff training.

The Blue Room exists so that BBC personnel can test out any consumer technology that they need to, and understand how BBC content is delivered to a wide range of devices.

In the video above, BBC Head of Tech Liason Roland Allen takes you on a guided tour of the Blue Room. It's great fun to see how many you can identify. We spotted, in approximate order of appearance:

- Nokia N95
- Nokia N96 x 2
- Kodak ZX1
- Many iPhones
- The OLPC netbook
- 6 iPhones(!)
- Amazon Kindle
- Sony Reader
- Optoma Pico Projector
- Some sort of Sat Nav?
- Zune 30
- iPod Headphones
- iPod Shuffle
- Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt
- A USB flash drive of some description
- Pleo
- Sony Rolly

Did you spot anything that our eagle eyes missed? Have you got a bigger gadget collection? Let us know in the comments.