Although many UK consumers are expressing dismay over the pricing for the new Apple iPhone 3G S, it seems there are a fair few early adopters keen to get their hands on Apple's "fastest, most powerful yet" mobile.

The Carphone Warehouse, the official UK retailer for the new phone, has revealed that its website has seen a large number of consumers register their interest for the new handset.

After announcing their pre-order plans within minutes of the end of the Apple keynote event that saw the device debuted, the retailer had 6000 people register interest within a 2 hour period.

For the iPhone 3GS 16GB O2 is charging up to £184.98 depending on which tariff you take, with the 32GB setting you back up to £274.23.

Due to launch in the UK (as well as in the US) on 19 June, consumers can register with Carphone Warehouse now, and will be able to pre-order the mobile from Wednesday 10 June 2009 from