Mad Catz announces premium Rock Band accessories

Mad Catz has announced that the third editions of its premium Rock Band accessories will soon be available. They'll work with Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and Rock Band: Beatles, and all but one just work on the Xbox 360.

The wireless "Fender Precision Replica Bass" doesn't require a USB dongle - it's the first licensed Mad Catz product that'll sync with the console alone. Premium fret buttons are quieter, and a split strum bar lets you play faster. It comes in white, red and green and costs $90.

The wireless "Wooden Fender Stratocaster Replica Guitar" is manufactured at the same factory as normal Fender guitars, and comes in three-tone "Sunburst" or "Candy Apple" red colours. It also connects without a dongle, and has real tuning keys, bridge, tremolo, dials and quarter-inch amp jack. It costs $300.

The wireless Fender Telecaster Player’s Edition Replica clones the iconic Telecaster guitar, and once again connects without a USB dongle. It has a "road-worn ,distressed finish and strap", meaning it'll look a bit battered about, has a premium strum bar and "ultra-fast action" fret buttons. It comes in "Sunburst" and "Butterscotch" colours, and costs $100.

Lastly, the Rock Band 2 Electro-Harmonix Overdrive Pedal lets you activate Overdrive using a stomp box, rather than having to tilt the guitar. A 10-foot cable attaches it to any of the three previous models, or the official Rock Band guitar, and it'll work on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. It costs just $30.