For today's tech deal we have a great idea from IKEA and UNICEF which may well help a little towards improving the quality of life of children in developing countries.

For every SUNNAN solar powered lamp sold in IKEA stores worldwide, one lamp will be given to UNICEF. These solar lamps will then be shipped - the first destined for Pakistan - where they'll be used to help children to "play, read, write and study at night, even if their homes have no electricity".

The "especially sturdy" SUNNAN lamp is designed to resist the wear and tear of difficult living situations.

So if you are in IKEA (the product's not yet available online) and just can't resist a buy on get one free offer, you could do a lot worse than making this your next light-related purchase.

Yes, it is a small contribution but possibly an important one. Click on the link below that'll take you through to the IKEA website with store finder and there'll be another tech deal here tomorrow.