Cygnett announces new earphone lines

MP3 player accessories company Cygnett has just announced the availability of several new pairs of earphones. There's the GrooveRazors, GrooveAtomics, GroovePlatinums and GrooveFusions. None of them cost more than £20.

Starting at the beginning of that list, the GrooveRazors feature a "precision" design, and "around ear design". They cost £10. The GrooveAtomics are made of titanium, ultra-light and come in red, silver, black orange and pink. They'll cost you £13.

The GroovePlatinums come with twin stereo and a "futuristic look", costing £15. They're also available with a mic for £5 more. Lastly, the GrooveFusions "add energy and dynamic power" in pink or black. They will cost £18.

All are apparently available now from Amazon and iWorld.