Today's tech deal brings you news of an incentive for all potential Loewe customers.

This sales promotion is being run by Loewe retailers across the UK, which will enable you to trade-in your old TV and get a discount on a new Loewe-flavoured LCD model.

The company is saying that customers will be able to receive

up to

£350 off the price of an LCD TV on the condition that both the trade-in set and the new set are 32-inches or above.

As ever with these offers the true discount might be somewhat different than that

up to

figure, so before carting your old CRT down to your local retailer it might be worth giving them a call.

We did venture to ask what would be happening to all the old tellys once exchanged, although no specific recycling scheme was in place Loewe said all televisions would be disposed of according to the WEEE directive.

There's link to the Loewe website below as well as one to the environment agency where you can checkout the directive for yourself.