Perhaps trying to avoid falling to the BlackBerry trap of a just-for-business image, Palm has turned to American vlogger Molly McAleer for a wacky musical declaration of love for the new handset due out later this year.

However, while starting a show with the words "I'm rilly excited 'cos Palm Pre is sponsoring this episode", can only be seen as admirably honest, we can't help feel it also makes you doubt the objectivity of the advertising hype to come.

The new episode of The Molls Show is all about McAleer's love and longing for the forthcoming Pre from Palm. Sample quote from Molly: "It's like, the awesome-est phone evaar".

The Palm Pre has so far racked up an impressive array of media coverage in the US, with an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, tabloid reports that saw Angelina Jolie gushing about the device and now this publicity, that will promote the phone (although, interestingly reveal none of its specs) to the "Funny or Die" target market in the US.