If you're in the market for an iPod dock and want a decent compromise between sound and portability then today's tech deal may be able to help.

The Gear4 Duo speakers feature a neat and apparently "unique" design in that they combine a subwoofer with two detachable speakers.

Giving you a total of 38W output - this is split between the 20W subwoofer, 2 x 6W speakers and 2 x 3W tweeters - this little lot is said to give "crystal clear, bass-rich audio sound" whilst having multi-iPod compatibility.

The portability comes in by way of the speaker splitting into two, allowing you to leave the woofer behind, this satellite speaker can then be charged by the lithium-ion battery.

Perhaps the best bit though is that it's on offer from Tesco direct for £79.98 giving you 50% off its original £149.97 price tag.